Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Top Wedding: Top Three Plus Size Vintage Inspired Wedding Gowns Under $300

Hiya folks!
Today I wanted to share with you one of my new sponsors and some of their fab retro wedding gowns.
I've chosen to showcase the 3 dresses I like best with 3 different vintage feels all for under 300 bucks and all of them going up to a size 26W with lots of options to customise!
My first pick is this 


I love this dress as I think it has a really romantic feel and that classic 50's ladylike quality that you might see in something Elizabeth Taylor wore to one of her many weddings mixed with that babydoll look popular in the 1960's.

I adore the back details, though I think that, like many things is customisable.
I could see this also looking fab if you hemmed it to a tea length gown and wore it with a colorful petticoat for a more rockabilly look.

Look #2 


This gown has a sort of Grace Kelly feel to it for me. 

This gown has a sort of Grace Kelly feel to it for me.
 It would also be a great dress for someone a bit more modest in that it's not as revealing as many strapless or halter dresses.
The perfect conservative church dress if you have to please the folks, but with a classic elegant air of days gone by.

Last but not least!


This dress has a very Jean Harlow meets Great Gatsby kind of vibe to me.
The fun collar and the satin finish and brooch feels very Hollywood 1930's to me.
It doesn't have that very very body hugging thin satin look to it though so I think it would give off that 30's air but be a lot easier to pull off than the unforgiving look of unlined satin.

So folks what do you think?  Have a favorite look?
Check out all the other styles over on 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

It's Alive!!!! Plus-Size Halloween Pinup Awesomeness!!

Ahhh my friends the All Hallows Eve is nigh upon us!!!
 A night where the spirits of the dead may roam the earth, along with GI Joe, sexy nurse and Harry Potter.

This is going to be my first Halloween in Melbourne and I have to say it is a bit weird that the weather is more summer beach weather than crisp autumnal breezes.
I find myself missing the crunchy, colorful leaves underfoot and the smell of pumpkin spice pouring out of ever Starbucks, but mostly....I miss Halloween.

Simply put, Halloween is just not that big a deal here.  It's more popular than it's probably ever been, but nobody my age grew up trick or treating or running amuk amuk amuk!!!
 (Hocus Pocus Bitches, look that shit up!)
None of them remember lining up decked in your best home made Glinda The Good Witch Of The North costume for the school Halloween parade which is basically just a teacher judged contest to see which parents really care and which totally forgot and made a last minute super hero costume out of duct tape and black garbage bags.

But I decided that it was necessary to celebrate in a fun way!  So I put together a little collaboration with Miss Kobi Jae of Horror Kitsch Bitch to rock your Halloween socks off!

Kobi was so gracious as to allow my to make her up like the Bride Of Frankenstein...well a sexy, curvy take no prisoner homage to the lovely lady with the wild unruly curls.

I think she channeled that undead hottie we all have lurking somewhere just under the surface like a pro!

So please...take inspiration!  Share!  Get into the Halloween Spirit!  You still have time to make a costume out of curtains and the belt from your bathrobe!

Remember Halloween isn't just a night of silly costumes and way to much candy and booze and spooky movies that keep you up all night.  Halloween is the only holiday you are not expected to spend with family patiently waiting for a turkey to cook but rather it's understood that you will be ditching them for your friends and acting an arse and loving every minute of it!  

So my friends carve that jack-o-lantern! 
 Pass off the dusty cobwebs in your house as festive holiday decor rather than poor housekeeping skills!  Rent a horrible scary film and buy a bag of mini candy bars for the trick or treaters and eat them all between now and the actual event then rush out on Halloween to buy more....then eat those too!

  If you need me I'll be running Amuk Amuk Amuk!!!!

Kobi Jae Horror Kitsch Bitch

Monday, October 6, 2014

Alternative Curves Challenge #1: Alternative Fairytale

 A group of lovely full-figured fashion bloggers decided to create the Alternative Curves challenge.
Each month they've chosen a different fashion challenge and the first month is Alternative Fairytales!

So for my post I decided to put on  my most jungle princess dress and show off my new leopard print hairdo and do my fashion story about an African folktale called.....

The Leopard Man

A handsome stranger once came into a certain village and strolled about among the people in mysterious silence. All the maidens admired him and wished that he would choose one of them for his bride. But he said nothing, and at last walked away into the forest and disappeared from sight. 

A month later the stranger came again, and this time one of the maidens fell so much in love with him that she resolved to follow him into the forest, as she could not bear to be separated from him. 

When the stranger looked back and saw her coming behind him, he stopped, and begged her to return home; but she would not, and exclaimed, "I will never leave you, and wherever you go, I will follow." 

"Beautiful maiden, you will regret it," replied the stranger sadly, as he hurried on. 

After a while he stopped again, and once more begged her to retrace her steps. But she made the same reply, and again the handsome stranger said in sorrowful tones, "You will regret it, beautiful maiden!" 

They went far into the depths of the forest, and at length reached a tree at the foot of which there lay a leopard skin. 

Standing under the tree, the stranger began to sing a melancholy song, in which he told her that though he was allowed once a month to wander about in villages and towns like a man, he was in reality a savage leopard and would rend her in pieces as soon as he regained his natural form. 

With these words he flung himself upon the ground, and immediately become a snarling leopard and began to pursue the terrified girl. 

But fear gave such speed to her feet that he could not overtake her. As he pursued her he sang that he would tear her in small pieces, and she in another song replied that he would never overtake her. 

For a great distance they ran, and then the maiden suddenly came to a deep but narrow river, which she could not cross. It seemed as if the leopard would catch her after all. But a tree, which stood on the riverbank, took pity on her and fell across the river, so that she was able to cross. 

At last, nearly exhausted, she came to the edge of the forest and reached the village in safety. The leopard, disappointed of its prey, slunk back into the forest, and the handsome stranger was never seen again.

This is a blog hop challenge as well....don't know what a blog hop is?  Well, neither did I but it's a neat way of connecting everyone on the challenge so if like me you are intrigued then check it out!
Special thanks to Ms Kobi Jai over at Horror Kitsch Bitch for snapping the awesome pics for me!
(She and I have a very special halloween photoshoot coming for you soon so keep your eyes peeled!)
So go over and check out the different months themes and join in!!  Share your pics with the hashtag #alternativecurves!!

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Driving Gloves

Ok.  ladies and gents, let's talk driving gloves

 Sure most of us throw on a pair of gloves when the weather dips into chilly temps, but the fluffy mittens and leather gloves for winter aren't the only gloves out there.  
I LOVE driving gloves.  

Ever since I could drive I wore driving gloves.  Much to the mockery of my friends.  And to be honest, at the time I wore them more out of vanity in not wanting to get sun spots on my hands than out of fashion.  

The way I see it is that you essentially have your hands under a giant magnifying glass the entire time you are driving and over a lifetime that sun exposure ads up!  

Over the years I have come to love the look of a more vintage driving glove.  You know those snazzy leather ones with little stippled holes, or the woven ones with leather backings.  They just have an air of retro pizazz that gets this gal every time. 

Also as a plus size gal who's size tends to go up and down I love accessories in general.  Even if you go up and down in dress sizes gloves, hats, handbags, scarves...well they all still look fab which is why I think they make such great investment pieces.
What about you?  How do you feel about gloves outside of the functional winter wardrobe?  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cherry Piccing!

piccing app via Lexi DeRock on Voluptuous Vintage Vixen

Yeah, you like that!?  In case you were wondering if I am just an abominable speller, I will stop you right there my friend!  Yeah, there's a whole lotta punny coming your way!!! 
Today I want to share a cool new APP with you guys.  So, most of us use social media and are familiar with all the various platforms ie Facebook, Twitter if you are an old fogey like me and Snapchat and XXXtreme Dick Pic Tumblr or whatever else exciting new thing the youngins are gettin' hip to these days.  
But most of us use pinterest.  It seems to cross a lot of age and interest barriers because, well, we all like to look at pics of things we want and like.  That's were the new Piccing app makes me happy. 
Because, while pinterest is awesome, it's often full of heaps of cool stuff that you want, but don't know where or how to get.  There are often no links to the original poster or any way short of massive Internet scouring to find the items you like.  
piccing app via Lexi DeRock on Voluptuous Vintage Vixen

Piccing is cool cause it reminds me a lot of Pinterest what with all the fancy pics of neat stuff, but the cherry (see how I tied that in with the title there..yeah, that just happened) on top is that Piccing cuts out the middle man of web searching to find products and lets you click on things in the image and tells you where to get them!  Whaaaa!!??  The future is now my friend!

The little video does a better job of explaining how it works maybe than I do so if you like the idea take a gander at their short vid and get clicking (or piccing) the stuff you want :)

Check out their website for more info or to get the app :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ains & Elke Stylehaus: Beautiful Bespoke Retro Fab

Anyone who knows me knows a few things.  

1.  I love me some good vintage and retro clothing.

2.  I love me some crafty-ass Etsy sellers.

So when two of my favorite things get together and make a love baby it's not surprising that we get something as lovely as Ains & Elke Stylehaus.
So when Alixis over at Ains & Elke deigned to create something for me from her fab collection of vintage patterns she uses to make all her bespoke retro pieces I was...to quote Blanch Deveraux (because, yeah, I'm the kinda gal who quotes Blanche Devereaux)

In other words...I was just a little excited for my new threads to arrive in the mail.
I chose a circle skirt as I pretty much live in skirts and dresses and I've recently realised I have way more dresses and not enough cute skirts to wear my tops with (first world problems right!) plus I just love a good circle skirt.  Nothing makes you want to twirl in circles till you fall down more than a pretty flowy skirt that swirls up like a flower.

Now, Ains & Elke Stylehaus is based in California, and as someone way over on the Aussie continent it's an ongoing bummer to find super cute things that people don't deliver to my new country.  So my Oz bound friends will be happy to know that they happily ship overseas.

So having chosen my item and sent off my measurements there was nothing to do but wait (and fortunately I didn't have to wait long before this fab creation come to my front door!

 When my package arrived I was charmed already by the care taken to wrap it up like a present, because even things you've purchased for yourself are more fun if you get to unwrap them like a gift.
PS how cute are these business cards!?

Before giving it a whirl, and a twirl I checked it out and was very pleased to find the care taken in the details.  It was a perfect fit, which is always a worry when buying online.

And everything from the beautifully finished seams to the cute little label inside made the garment polished and made me happy at the prospect of it having a long shelf life.

I wore my new skirt the very next day and loved how it fit and how comfy and girly it is.
Also since I had given her the measurements of how long I wanted it to be it was actually the right length for me.  As someone who is pushing 6 feet it's a rarity to get to wear things that are actually fitting as meant to.

I happily wore my new skirt a couple of times that week before the real test.
The wash and wear test.
Nothing peeves me more than clothes that either shrink up or fall apart in the wash so no matter how cute something is if it can't hold up to regular wear and tear it won't last long in my wardrobe.
I generally wash all my clothes with like colors, in cold water, on gentle and hang to dry, so I'm about as gentle to my clothes as I can be and I recommend you do the same!
Happy to announce after 3 washed and twice as many wears it's just as good as the day I unwrapped it and fast on it's way to being a staple of my wardrobe.

So, my overall rating it two thumbs up!  Go get your adorableness today!!
And in fact you're in luck because Ains & Elke have been kind enough to offer a 15% discount code for my readers for the next month!  How bout that!?
Just enter 

as your discount code when you order to recieve a sweet deal on these great outfits.
To check out everything in their Etsy Shop click here!

So get on over and check out all the goodies and let me know what you think!
If you get something I'd love to hear back how you like it :)

You can also pop over to Ains & Elke's FACEBOOK page and keep up with all the fun creations as they get made and send out to customers :)

Enjoy xoxoxo

Ains & Elke Etsy Shop
Ains & Elke Facebook

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Alessandra Grima: A plus size model's journey

Today I have a very special treat for you all. As you know I am a proud supporter of body love and acceptance. I think everyone should feel happy and healthy in the skin they are in. And having been a plus size woman all of my adult life and a plus size model in my younger years I can tell you there is no career that can make a woman doubt her own body more than modeling and acting. Modeling is all about preference. There will always be someone who thinks you are too tall or short or fat or skinny or who think your hair is the wrong color. But there is also someone out there who thinks you are perfect just as you are. Finding those people can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but so rewarding.

Sometimes though someone finds themselves in modeling. They find the things they like about themselves. They find that things they didn't like about themselves are things that others find beautiful and through that learn to love themselves. The modeling industry has been changing over the years and more and more beautiful plus size women are joining it's ranks and changing the way the world looks at fashion. I'd like to introduce you to one of them.

Alessandra Grima.

Alessadra is a beautiful plus size model and comedienne who emanates all those things I love to see and so I've asked her to share with us her story and a bit about how modeling has changed her life.
“Fat chicks rule,” I yelled after one of the dirty boys at recess told me I could milk myself and make my own cookies.  Unfortunately, I only ever claimed pride in my dreams.  In reality, Bo Trahan got away with another one-liner as I shuffled my feet and mumbled my comebacks to myself; who names their kid Bo?  Little did I know; a 5th grade improv comedy class would make those comebacks much louder next year.
I. Was. Awkward.  I stood at five-foot three inches, 130 lbs at the age of ten.  I had a C cup, I was familiar with Tampax, and I only fit into t-shirts and my mom’s jeans.  Oh, how I wish leggings were around back then – not the stirrup kind from Kindergarten.  I heavily relied on my sense of humor in those days.  That’s what got me friends and favor.  If I couldn’t be beautiful and stared at like the other girls, at least I could be, “Oh, Alessandra, yeah, she’s cool.”  It’s hard to aim for more when your home life consists of, “You’d be pretty if you lost weight.”, “Just ignore the kids at school.”, “You don’t get dessert.”, and then your mom signs you up for fat camp.

Luckily, as I went into high school, boys and girls alike grew taller and larger than me.  I didn’t feel like the biggest anymore -- unless we’re talking about boobs. That trophy was always mine.  Bottom line, the pressure was off.  From here and into college I could actually get to know myself.  I found and lost my first great love, I dated around, I moved to Boston, got my degree, and changed my fashion style 15,838,393,453 times!  It was glorious!  But I was ignoring the fact that I was still hiding.  Behind all the excitement and change was an insecure girl; sweatshirts and black tees where my home because they covered me.  During intimate moments with my boyfriend, I’d want the lights off and I never allowed him to touch my belly – I never allowed anyone to touch my belly.  Honestly, I was ashamed of how I looked at such a young age; big belly and stretch marks galore.  My lovely boyfriend today has been with me for three years and I just gave his hands free range a year ago.  Wondering what snapped?  What saved my confidence?  Instagram.  Yeah, you heard me.
Instagram gave me life.  It wasn’t long before my little IG page came across Tess Munster, the plus size model.  I was floored—in shock—confused—and fucking excited!  My Instagram became my little place to follow every plus size model and plus-proud page known to man.  I drilled images of all types of bodies into my head and told myself, “These are all beautiful”.  My brain had to be reprogrammed and it wasn’t easy!  During this time, my boyfriend was photographing my headshots so I could submit for acting roles.  The photos were stunning!  Me?  In front of a camera? Not being funny, but being beautiful?!  This epiphany was much like when the Discovery Channel films a bud into a full-fledged rose before your eyes in one second.  It wasn’t long before I was thinking of themed photo shoots for us to try just in good fun… and then I read a Tess Munster interview about how she became a model.  One thing stood out: Model Mayhem profile.  And I made one.
In October of 2013, I was selected and walked the runway for The Thicky Chicky clothing line in Boston.  In November of 2013 I was chosen for a test shoot for Dede Allure clothing.  In January of 2014 I modeled The Thicky Chicky clothing for their website.  In April of 2014 I travelled to Los Angeles with Dede Allure to walk the run way as the first plus line ever premiering at L.A. Style Fashion Week.  Let me tell you, there is no better feeling than being among hundreds of beautiful, thin models and stripping naked to get into your runway clothes with pride.  Many girls ask how I did it or talk about how lucky I am; Ladies, I didn’t do it yet, I’m still doing it with a long way to go.  I work a regular retail job and do stand-up comedy on the side trying to make ends meet.  If you told me a year ago I’d be a plus model, an insecure Alessandra would’ve slapped you in the face, but here I am.

I’m Alessandra Grima.  I am five-foot three, 185 lbs, with a 40F cup.  I have stretch marks and freckles.  My left ear is lower than my right and my legs are much smaller in comparison to my hips.  I do not have an hour-glass figure and my ass is non-existent if I don’t do squats at the gym – the gym I go to for toning, and a strong heart, not to for punishing myself for being a size sixteen.  I eat healthy and have played sports my whole life, even though ignorant people don’t believe that.  This is my body and it is my identity and I love it with all of me.  I guess what I’m trying to say is: FAT CHICKS RULE, Bo Trahan.  Got milk?

Please hop over and follow Alessandra to see more of what she does and leave her a comment to let her know how much you loved her piece!