Thursday, February 6, 2014

When did being a douche become hotter than not being a douche?

Oh that's didn't!
I am sure I am not the only one who's seen way to many of the "when did this become hotter than that" crap floating around the Internet.
Not familiar?  Goes a little something like...

Where a bunch of skinny girls are compared to pinups of the 1940's and 1950's, in order to imply that their figures are less acceptable or desirable.
Or maybe someone got terribly clever and called those people out as being closeted fatties with delusions about body shapes and felt the need to correct them with something like this.

Or maybe they flipped it on it's head, you know, being really clever...and made it skinny vs fat in some other fashion.
Whatever way they've done it's offensive to someone and annoying to most.
I'm pretty body positive, supportive, whatever you want to call it.  Let everyone be as they are and be happy in their skin, so crap like this is annoying to me. And I am not the only one who sees the obsurdity in the comparisons.
Some have conjured up their own imitations of these viral std's of the internet that are actually quite amusing in that they poke fun at the concept.
Like this...

Or take it a step further than that...

Which I must admit I find chucklable.
I guess what I am wondering is when did it become hotter to be a douchebag and make fun and comparisons of each other...oh right, in 4th grade and then, silly me, I presumed we'd all grown out of it, but that's foolish to think isn't it?
When did giving a crap what other people look like in a bikini become a worthwhile way to spend our days?  
I recently saw this video.

The video is called "Selfie" I believe and is a short video project where some people went to what looks like a jr high, called all the girls out for a special meeting to teach them how they are all their very own unique beautiful snowflake and their perceived flaws are what make them different ergo beautiful.
The girls learn that what they see in themselves as flaws, others find beautiful and even their own mothers learn to better see their own beauty through their daughters experience.
Now, I get that the point of this is to help spread the word that a world with one standard of beauty is not a very interesting world.
And I do not wish to devalue any positive experience those who participated in it experienced or any positive message anyone took away from this experiment.
But am I the only one who thinks these girls should be more concerned with their studies than whether or not other people find them attractive?
These are young girls, who should be learning that their self worth should not be tied into their own or anyone else's opinions of what is beautiful, acceptable and fuckable?
You'll notice that there was no comparable beauty project for the boys.  And why?  Because while boys do suffer with image and body issues they are not the main demographic who suffer from this.  And why is that?  Because while they were in school, in class where they ought to be, being told they they had more important things to do, like get good grades, excel in athletics and make something of themselves in this world, the girls were in an assembly trying to redefine beauty, because being beautiful is so important that we must stop at nothing to become beautiful, even and especially if that means redefining beauty until the definition fits whatever it is that we are.

Ok, was this a bit ranty?  Yes, but it's my blog so I get to rant if I want to.
My point is, how bout we all stop comparing ourselves to one another and just enjoy each other for what we have to bring to the table?
How about we widen the definition of beauty to include rather than exclude.
And how about we make a decision that being beautiful isn't the most important thing a person can be?
But Lexi!?  You run a beauty blog!?
True, I do, I talk about fashion and beauty and trends I find enjoyable, but I wear what I wear and do my hair and makeup the way I like because it makes me happy and if other people like it, then great!  And if not...oh well, not my problem.
I know because I am clever and talented and funny and a decent person AND a special snowflake that I am awesome regardless of how I look or what other people think about how I look.  And isn't that a bit more worth while to teach in schools?
What say you?  Is being beautiful the be all and end all?
Can any of you name 5 things far more worth being than "beautiful"?


  1. Bravo! I totally agree with you about where the younger generations are going with all of the media overload. I find it disgusting and disturbing that a lot of young girls and women only care about likes and having the most pokes. It also makes me wonder if their parents are okay with it. I mean, the parents buy them the cell phones and then expect the kids to monitor themselves. No, YOU are the parents, sent some damn boundaries. Just like the parents who sit their 2 month old babies in front of an iPad or tablet. Hands free parenting. Then people wonder why or how they kids are failing in school.

    I've recently begun to try and be body positive. It was hard at first but now I'm getting better at it. It's so hard to break years of training. Trained by society to tear down other women and make catty, bitchy comments. And told it's okay, that's what women do. It''s not okay to tear others down just to feel better for a little while. I can honestly say I have a much better attitude than before.

    1. Spot on Mariela! Could not agree with you more!
      I think you are right that it is so hard to change your thinking from things that have been drummed into for a lifetime, but once you do you are so much happier.
      Best you can do is to take care of yourself and be happy with who you are and try and encourage that line of thinking into the younger generations.